Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#535 ICS LinkedIn adapter

A simple example of the adapter...

Check out the docs -

Click here to read them.

LinkedIn Setup

1. Register the ICS app at the LinkedIn dev portal.

As you can see, I get my Client ID and Secret.
All I need to set is the Authorized Redirect URL.

It is in the format - https://myICSPod:443/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback

Creating the LinkedIn connection in ICS

Export the LinkedIn Cert.
Upload the LinkedIn Cert to ICS

Now I create the LinkedIn Connection

Now leverage the connection in an integration -

Now, I can add more permissions to the LinkedIn Connection in ICS -

Now to an integration -

This simply updates my status on LinkedIn.

The mapping is as follows -

I set the visibility code to "anyone". This was the result of a quick Google search ;--)

I deploy and test - I get an error and look at the ICS log -

So much for Google...

I look it up on LinkedIn's website

So my error was the double quotes in the mapping.
I correct this and re-test.

and there it is ...

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