Thursday, November 3, 2016

#533 PCS 16.3.5 administration

Just a quick tour thru the admin tabs in PCS 16.3.5 and taking a look at archiving.

Services are those consumed by PCS, such as Docs etc.
They are divided into 2 sections Platform(PaaS) and Infrastructure.

So what are the PaaS services by PCS?

1. Integration Cloud Service (ICS). ICS can be called to integrate with SaaS and on-premise apps.

2. Document Cloud Service (Docs). Many processes require supporting documentation etc. e.g. export licenses for order processes etc.

3. Business Intelligence Cloud Service - to quote the ORCL docs -
Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BI Cloud Service) enables you to create,
manage, and deploy analytics data to create your own dashboards. These dashboards
are based on business data and allow you to get a broader and better perspective of
your business processes.  

Integrating BI Cloud Service with PCS enables you to archive business analytics from
PCS into BI Cloud Service. This integration lets you explore and access your archived
data in BI Cloud Service. Once the archive is complete, you can log into BI Cloud
Service and create charts or graphs by selecting data from multiple tables and creating 
business analytics reports as per your need.

Let's now look at Infrastructure -

All that is really of interest to us here is the Notification Service settings - allowing us to send emails etc from within our PCS processes.

Runtime Settings

Audit Level:
self explanatory

Recovery scheduler:

Here you can schedule a daily recovery for process instances that encountered a remote fault
while invoking a web service or expired timer messages.

Logger Settings:

You cannot download the logs from PCS as per ICS.
You can, however, view the log snippets via Tracking.

Archive and Purge

Let's check this out, leveraging the following simple order approval process -

Here is my order -

I add a doc to the process -

I go ahead and approve the order, completing the process.

Archive on Demand -

I select my app and accept the defaults.

I then click Archive -

I receive the email -

I click on the link to download -

Here is the file unzipped -

I click on the runtime folder and see it is empty.
Why? You may ask? Where is the instance that just completed?

The reason is the default archive setting is Active -

That is reflected in the email I received -

Now I export again, this time selecting Inactive.

I download the export zip and save locally.
I then unzip -

Let's look at some of these files -

docsContent -

This file also contains a link to the file in Document Cloud Service.

audit-trace -

This details the payload and process flow from Start to End.

I also see the Comments added and who did the actual approval -


Above is all info pertaining to the approval task.

task-detail -

Includes all task related info, except the payload.

process-Instance -

provides us with high level info, such as internal process ID etc.

This page also provides you with a list on the archives you have done -

UI Customization

Allows us to set the logo, title etc. for the PCS workspace.

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