Monday, June 20, 2016

#512 ICS --> Twitter adapter example

Simple stuff -

I begin by downloading the twitter certificate from

I then upload this to ICS - Administration -

Next, I create an app on
This will provide me with all the keys I need to perform operations, such as tweeting.

I specify the callback url for my ICS instance -


As you can see, I have obfuscated the Consumer Key - etc.
Note: the callback url is missing from the above screenshot.

Create the access token.

Now I have all the values I need to create the Twitter connection in ICS.

Here is the connection definition page in ICS -

Test the connection -

Create the Integration in ICS - I am reusing an abstract "customer" wsdl here for the
Trigger/Source. Essentially, I will hard code the tweet in the mapping on the integration.

The Invoke/Target is leveraging my Twitter connection -

Here is the mapping -

I activate the integration and test from soap-ui.
I then Monitor execution in ICS -

Validate on Twitter -

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