Thursday, June 16, 2016

#510 CORS support in ICS

Firstly what is CORS?


I'm sure everyone is wise now!

According to the ORCL docs -

CORS defines a way in which a browser and server can interact to determine safely whether or not to allow the cross-origin request. CORS provides for more flexibility than same-origin requests, but is more secure than simply permitting all cross-origin requests.

When creating an integration in ICS, you can now configure the REST connection for CORS.

Note the last checkbox in the screenshot above.

Here is the CORS configuration page -

I add the following -

As you can see, I cannot select any other methods apart from GET, as that is all
I have defined.

Here is the completed integration -

As you can see, I create an Organization in Service Cloud.

Now to the testing ...

I activate the Integration and try the /metadata url in my browser -

Now I execute the rest request, replacing /metadata with /organization and the required parameters -


and this validate the CORS settings.

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