Thursday, January 28, 2016

#472 ICS ERP Cloud Adapter

New adapter available with 15.4.5+

First we need to enter the ERP Services Catalog WSDL URL.

Now, in my case, all I had to go on was an URL for a Fusion ERP Invoice Service.
This has the format:

The URL for the ERP Services Catalog WSDL has the following format:

fs stands for common.

Regarding the ERP Events Catalog URL (optional)
ERP doesn't as yet support events. I have blogged about Sales Cloud Events here
So, for ERP, it is optional ;--)

I have obfuscated the WSDL URL and the Username

I test the connection -

If this test fails with a valid ERP user, then it is probably a permissions issue, that you
need to sort out at Fusion ERP level.

Now I create a simple integration in ICS, leveraging the ERP adapter.
Below is one I created to call the createSimpleInvoice service.

Here are the steps for the target ERP connection -

Then I do a similar configuration for the source connection.

For the mapping, call in your ERP functional expert.

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Unknown said...


I am having issue in configuring the source for the same connection. Can you please share the screen shots for source too.