Thursday, January 14, 2016

#468 ICS --> Oracle DB Adapter

In this post I show how to leverage the new on-prem Oracle DB adapter on ICS.

Communication between ICS and the on-prem DB is via the ICS Connectivity Agent.

The ICS Connectivity Agent setup is covered in a previous post.
You can read it here

I have an XE DB running On-Prem.
I have a user - Niall and a DB Table - Customer

I create the DB connection in ICS using the new DB Adapter.

Here is the configuration of that connection.
As you can see, it requires more detail as a SaaS connection.

note the Host entry above.

I also need to specify which Connectivity Agent I will be using.
I do this by specifying the Agent Group.

My on-prem agent, running on the same environment as my on-prem DB, is a
member of this Agent Group.

Here is my simple Integration -

My Source is based on an abstract wsdl I created.
This contains an operation retrieveCustomer -

The input/output is as follows -

The Target is leveraging the DB adapter -

note the syntax above - Check out the full DB Adapter doc here

My mapping is simple -

Request Mapping -

Response Mapping -

I deploy and test the integration.

Here is the result in SOAP-UI
left pane - request
right pane -response from my on--prem DB.

Here is the Tracking in ICS -

1 comment:

Binay said...

Hi Nial,
I tried inserting records in DB using DB adapter and looks like it inserts record by record.
It took 31 mins to insert 1700 records
is this the way DB adapter insert will work or am i missing any step here?