Thursday, January 14, 2016

#468 ICS --> Oracle DB Adapter

In this post I show how to leverage the new on-prem Oracle DB adapter on ICS.

Communication between ICS and the on-prem DB is via the ICS Connectivity Agent.

The ICS Connectivity Agent setup is covered in a previous post.
You can read it here

I have an XE DB running On-Prem.
I have a user - Niall and a DB Table - Customer

I create the DB connection in ICS using the new DB Adapter.

Here is the configuration of that connection.
As you can see, it requires more detail as a SaaS connection.

note the Host entry above.

I also need to specify which Connectivity Agent I will be using.
I do this by specifying the Agent Group.

My on-prem agent, running on the same environment as my on-prem DB, is a
member of this Agent Group.

Here is my simple Integration -

My Source is based on an abstract wsdl I created.
This contains an operation retrieveCustomer -

The input/output is as follows -

The Target is leveraging the DB adapter -

note the syntax above - Check out the full DB Adapter doc here

My mapping is simple -

Request Mapping -

Response Mapping -

I deploy and test the integration.

Here is the result in SOAP-UI
left pane - request
right pane -response from my on--prem DB.

Here is the Tracking in ICS -

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