Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#453 Document Cloud REST API

Just checking these out -

Here is my docs instance -

Get top level folder details


The top level folder has 2 child items.

Get Top level folder items


Get the contents of a folder

To do this I use the command above, replacing self with the folder id.


Here I am looking at folder LoanApplicant Documents-1.0
The folder has the id - 
It contains 3 sub-folders.

Now I want to add a file to a folder - Legal Approver Documents.

I will add a file - Legal Guidelines for Loan applications.pdf -
to the Legal Approver Documents folder -

The target folder id is -

I upload the file to a new directory on docs and then use the
REST API to copy the file to the target directory.

Now the id of this uploaded file is -

Copy a File from one Docs Directory to another

Let's look at the Copy -

The ORCL docs give the following example -
POST .../files/D4018B1EF3AC07D0A349DB8DT0000000000100000001/copy
    "destinationID": "FF4729683CD68C1AFB1AE87DT0000000000100000001"
    "version": "1"
So let's try it out...

Validate in Docs -

Check out the official Documentation

ORCL docs here

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Thanks, I have linked to this here: https://jonathanhult.com/blog/2015/02/oracle-documents-cloud-service-resources/