Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#455 PCS Notifications

Simple example -

A loan request is entered by jcooper, kicking off an approvals process -

jstein, the approver,  gets an email -

Here is the email body -

jstein can click on the Workspace application link in the email.

Notification Setup

Login to Workspace as an Admin user - click on Configuration - Settings -

Select Email as Notification Mode.
This should then pre-populate the URL, User and Password fields.

You can then register your own email address - I used my own private GMAIL address.

As the above dialogue says, you then receive an email
from Oracle Cloud asking you to confirm use of this email address -

After you confirm, you will receive another email -

That's it!

Now you can configure Notifications for your human tasks -

1 comment:

Jonathan Hult said...

I wish there was a way to disable the default out of the box notifications after an approval/rejection.