Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#449 ICS - Using the REST adapter

Here is a simple scenario, I will use the ICS REST adapter to connect to a service on Sales Cloud.


Here is the URL from Sales Cloud -


Essentially, I want to select all sales accounts whose names begin with "Ni".

I test this request in Postman -

As you can see, I get 11 hits.
I save the output to a file, for further use.

Create the REST adapter Connection in ICS

The REST URL is set https://mySalesCloud:port/crmCommonApi/resources/latest

I test the Connection -

Create the Integration

Here is the final result -

Configure Target (using above connection)

Note: I add /accounts as the relative URI

I specify GET
I add parameters
I configure the response (I will use the file I saved, as the basis)

Here are the parameters - 
These are taken directly from the Sales Cloud REST URL.

I base the response on the output file I saved earlier.
In the creation wizard I selected response is JSON, based on a sample file.
I uploaded the output file and a schema is generated.

That's it.

Configure Source

Request Mapping

Response Mapping

Testing with SOAP-UI

I add my credentials and test -

Now I amend the request as follows -

I add the request parameters -

I change the resource to /accounts and test -


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