Monday, October 19, 2015

#447 ICS Pre-Builts for Sales Cloud / Service Cloud Integration

To quote the ORCL docs -

In the integration, accounts and contacts from Oracle Sales Cloud can be synchronized with organizations and contacts in Oracle Service Cloud. This synchronization is executed using Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service as the backbone for mapping and information exchange.

Got it?

This release of pre-builts covers the syncing of following objects
in Sales and Service Cloud.

Sales Cloud                            2          Service Cloud
Event: AccountCreated         --> CreateOrganization
Event: AccountUpdated        --> UpdateOrganization
Event: ContactCreated          --> CreateContact
Event: ContactUpdated         --> UpdateContact

Service Cloud                          2          Sales Cloud
Event: OrganizationCreated   --> CreateAccount
Event: OrganizationUpdated  --> UpdateAccount
Event: ContactCreated            --> CreateContact
Event: ContactUpdated           --> UpdateContact

How is it Packaged?

These integrations are packaged into, yes, a package.
This package also includes default Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

So the modus operandi is -
1. import the package
2. configure the 2 connections (Sales & Service) to point to your instances.
3. examine the integration data mappings (the fields synced).
3.1. change the mappings as required.


Sales and Service Cloud can now support eventing on the aforementioned 
business objects. The ORCL doc details what configuration needs to be done
on both SaaS apps. 

As an example, lets look at Service Cloud -
You just need to set the following variables -

This activates event publication.

the ip addresses that can send messages to Service Cloud.

The Credentials for incoming requests are set via the following -


This must be a bona fide Service Cloud user.


This must be a bona fide ICS user.

That's it! Very simple.

Now lets look at the ICS Package -

ICS Pre-built Package

The above screenshot shows 5 of the 8 pre-packaged integrations.
The naming convention -

OSC - Oracle Sales Cloud
SVC - Service Cloud

Lets look at the Contact sync integration between Service Cloud and Sales Cloud -

Firstly, the connections -

The Connections

Sales Cloud -

Yes, I have obfuscated the urls somewhat.
Main takeaway here is that we specify an Event Catalog URL for sales cloud.
You can imagine that this catalog contains events such as ContactCreated etc.

The events catalog url format is as follows  -

Service Cloud -

Here you do not need to specify an Event Catalog URL -

The Integration

Lets look at the Source -

The event chosen is Contact Created
The event is published
Finally, the Contact on Service Cloud is updated with key of the Contact
that has just been created on Sales Cloud.

Enrichment -

Here we have the opportunity to enrich the data before creating the contact in Sales Cloud.

Note the Sales Cloud icon above.

So what are we doing here?
An example could be to do a lookup of a sales account, using the organization ID of the
Service cloud contact.

Note, the service has not been set.
i.e. This is a placeholder, included for your specific use.

Here is the default data mapping for this enrichment step -

The Data Mapping outbound

So lets test this -

Test the pre-built

Create a new contact in Service Cloud -

Validate in Sales Cloud -


There he is!

and here is his address in Sales Cloud -

ICS Monitoring

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