Monday, September 14, 2015

#443 PCS --> Process Documentation & Reporting

There are a plethora of reports available -

I am using the following sample process to illustrate -

Process Reporting 

We will go thru these, one by one.
But before that, let's look at the documentation functionality offered by PCS.

We have documentation at process and activity level.

Process Level Documentation -


Requirements -

Activity Level Documentation -

General documentation tab -

Business Properties -

Here one can add -

1. Links - to websites, docs etc.

As you can see, I added one pointing to JavaScript tutorials on W3C.

Issues -
track design time issues

Comments -
used for design time collaboration.

RACI Support - 

Now to the human tasks -

Much the same as for the Start activity, except for RACI support -

Now, let's generate some reports...

Detailed Business Process Report

Process Requirements Report

Issues and Comments Report

Data Objects Report

List of the data objects used in the process.
Details which activities use data objects and what they do with them (Read/Write etc.)

Process vs Data Report

A variation on the above -

Data vs Process Report

Service vs Process Report

Currently I am not leveraging any services in my sample process.

User Task Report

Process Image Report

RACI Report

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