Thursday, September 3, 2015

#438 ICS --> Sales Cloud 2 Marketing Cloud Integration --> Accounts

Even I was really impressed - development time of ca. 5 minutes.
Here I am syncing a Sales Cloud account with a Marketing Cloud account.

I created a couple of connections -

I create the Sales Cloud 2 Marketing Cloud Integration -

Here is my mapping -

I deploy and test from soap-ui

Here is the payload -

I add Username Token & Timestamp to this -

and test.

I then check in Eloqua (Marketing Cloud)

I now try and update - say the address has changed, as
The Hare of the Dog Inc. has gone upmarket to Brookwood Lawn.

I simply change the address in the soap-ui payload as follows -

I re-visit Eloqua and there it is - the new address.

So The Import operation I sepcified in the Eloqua adapter configuration
is more of an UPSERT.

5 minutes for dev & test -> took me much longer to write this blog post.

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