Wednesday, April 10, 2013

#238 SOA Suite Adapters - UMS Adapter

Above the list of PS5 adapters -

Below the list of PS6 adapters -

New are -
Healthcare adapter
UMS adapter

More about the Healthcare adapter in a later post -

UMS adapter

Allows us to send/receive emails with a defined payload e.g. incoming order etc.

For this example I am using JAMES as my email server.

Start JAMES 

EM Configuration

I now configure the UMS EMAIL Driver

Re-start the SOA Server

Create a SOA Composite

The BPEL process does nothing except copy input 2 output and then call the UMS adapter, passing the incoming payload.

The UMS adapter is defined as follows -


Deploy and Test

Check email -

1 comment:

yael said...

Did you try it with attachments?
I want to receive a base64 string and send it as an attachment.
I dont want to recive an href.