Monday, April 8, 2013

#236 Installing OSB

Installing OSB on Win 64bit

Files required -

Step 0 - install RCU

I have already installed SOA PS6 - so I have already run rcu.
If you are doing a standalone OSB install i.e. no SOA database already installed - then
you need to run rcu against your ORCL DB.
simply unzip the rcu file and run rcu.bat

For this scenario -
I am going to install in the directory d:\work\envs\OSBPS6

Step 1 - Install WLS
java -jar wls1036_generic.jar

Specify the home directory

Then do a typical install

Point to your jdk

Step 2 - Install OEPE
Now unzip the oepe file to your home directory e.g. D:\work\envs\OSBPS6

Step 3 - Install OSB
Unzip ofm_osb_generic...

Open Disk1

Run setup.exe -jreLoc yourJDK


Specify your home directory e.g. d:\work\envs\OSBPS6

Select Custom install

Here I select the IDE, but de-select the samples

Validate the oepe location.

Review - Oracle_OSB1 directory has been created

Step 4 - Configure OSB domain

run config.cmd


Notice I selected the dev edition - all on the 1 AdminServer.
I also selected WSM and EM for managing WSM.

Point to your local DB for the WSM schema.
Do not worry about the JMS Reporting provider


 Next I change the AdminServer port to 7010 - as I already have SOA Suite installed

Start the AdminServer

Step 5 - Test web console


Step 6- Test Oepe IDE

Start eclipse and then create an OSB configuration project

An OSB Configuration Project is a container for OSB projects. OSB projects can only be created inside an OSB Configuration Project. The Configuration Project is an environment where you can define various OSB and IDE environmental settings and behaviors.

Click on the Servers tab 

Right mouse click --> New --> Server

Point to your domain directory

 Add Resources

Looks good!


KendoHoang said...

Hello, I don't see link download RCU for win 64 bit . Can you help me?
Thanks a lot!

Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Kendo,

just use the 32 bit version. All rcu does is essentially create the SOA DB schemas.

Niall C.