Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Installing SOA Suite Health Care Integration on Win7 64 bit

Excellent supplement to SOA Suite PS5.

To quote
"Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration helps healthcare entities (payer and providers) to securely exchange HL7 and HIPAA standard documents. It utilizes several features of SOA Suite to design, create and manage applications that process healthcare standard documents."

I installed Health Care Integration, which is available as a patch from Oracle Support on top of the developer install of SOA/BPM on Windows 7 64 bit.

The software required is as follows -

HealthCare -

SOA Suite from OTN or edelivery

Full details

According to OTN,
To ensure access to the healthcare adapter in JDeveloper, start JDeveloper in preview mode. For example: ./jdev -J"-DPREVIEW_MODE=true" .


Shiva Kiran said...


I have installed the HEALTHCARE Integration on my local system.
The healthcare console also shows up well. But the problem I am facing is that, under the Document Protocol section Im able to see only the Custom and the HL7 document protocols coming up. I dont see the HIPPA Document Protocol in the Document Protocol Section. Is this normal or did i miss anything ??
Oracle says it supports HIPPA message formats as well in this Healthcare integration add on. If that is the case then the HIPAA protocol should show up in the document protocol section. Isn't it ?? Kindly help me with this.. Please...

Anonymous said...

Hi Shiva Kiran,

I have installed SOA for Health Care Integration on Windows XP, JDeveloper, SOA

I saw the same as you. Actually HL7 show after I import HL7 document type. But there is no place to import HIPPA.

I also saw some other property errors in server console, but seems not affect working.

Have you made any progress?

Thank you for any update.

my email is if you want to exchange some experience on this.

Thank you,