Monday, March 5, 2012

Exposing Java via EJB transport on OSB

You have server side Java resources you need to service enable. I have the following Java class I need to expose as a service over OSB.

Now you could simply expose this as a web service ala -

This will generate the required artifacts, WSDL etc. which I can then deploy to WLS. Later I can create a business service based on the WSDL.

Another approach is to wrap the Java in an EJB and call the EJB from OSB.
The broad steps are as follows -

1. JDev: write the EJB wrapper for the business methods you want to expose.
2. JDev: deploy the EJB to WLS
3. JDev: Create a client to test the EJB
4. JDev: Create a client jar
5. JDev: Deploy the client jar to a file

6. OSB: Import the JAR into OSB
7. OSB: Create a new JNDI Provider
8. OSB: Create a new business service based on EJB transport
9. OSB: Specify the business service details -

10. Test the Business Service

Full lab doc HERE!

Thanks to Edwin Biemond's post

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