Monday, February 19, 2024

#1009 OIC Service Metrics and OCI Dashboards


OIC Service Metrics are available via your OIC instance page in the OCI console. 

The metrics names and description are as follows -

Let me start with a very simple example - a sync integration that waits a couple of seconds and then returns a success message -

I execute this 3 times and then check out the metrics - 

Received messages shows 3, 
same for Successful messages and Inbound requests - all set to 3.

The Inbound request processing time metric also surfaces.

I then check out Consumed messages (messages from a billing perspective) and see also 3

 I now run another sync integration - this one invokes the ATP adapter to write a new order to my Orders table.

Back to the Service Metrics in OCI - I see the 1 new message in Successful messages, Receive Messages etc.

I also see the Outbound requests is 1 (the outbound request from the integration to ATP)

The metric for Outbound request invocation time also surfaces -

Time shown in msecs.

Finally, the one constant in all of this - Configured messages -  

This shows the number of message packs assigned to this instance.

The next scenario includes a sync integration that invokes another sync integration - 

This time I generate a DB error as I use the same orderNr (Primary Key).

I check the Messages failed count metric - 

It shows 2 here - 1 for the integration that writes to ATP and 1 for the integration that invokes it.

You will have seen the link to OCI Dashboards, while playing around with the Service Metrics -

Let's now look at them 

I add a widget - 

I create my first widget - 

Then add a few more - 

We can also create alarms based on these metrics - 

Let's create one on the Message Failed Count metric - 

I define the alarm as follows - 

I run the integration 3 times, each time with an error.

I see the 3 errors on the alarm data tab - 

I also get the relevant email - 

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