Friday, December 16, 2022

#942 OIC 22.12 Release - New Features --> PostgreSQL Adapter

I just installed PostgreSQL and created my database and first table - orders - 

Just in case you're wondering - the text is not as Gaeilge, sondern Deutsch.

Ok, I have the table, let's create the connection in OIC.

I will also need a connectivity agent installed to make the magic happen.

I download the agent and install it. 22.12 makes the agent configuration very easy - 

This gives me the complete InstallerProfile.cfg, complete with OAuth setup. 

The Connection definition is simple - 

I also specify the Agent Group - 

Now to leveraging the connection in an integration - I create a new integration with a REST trigger - payload is an order. I drop the PostgreSQL connection onto the canvas - 


I do the mapping - hardcoding status to approved -

Activate the integration and run - 

I validate in PostgreSQL - 

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