Tuesday, November 22, 2022

#939 OIC -> Working with the AdobeSign Adapter Part II

Carrying on from the previous post - 

Multiple Signers

first area I want to cover is multiple signers.
I try this out in Postman to check the proper input payload format - 

   "documentCreationInfo": {
       "recipientSetInfos": [
               "recipientSetMemberInfos": [
       "message""Please Sign this from us!",
       "fileInfos": [
   "options": {

So now I know what I need to re-create in OIC -

My trigger request is now as follows - 


The mapping for SendAgreement is as follows -

Checking on Agreement Status

So the document is now out for signing. You want to take the next steps, once all signers have done the necessary. First step is to check agreement status - here is the basic OIC scheduled integration flow for such - 

The AdobeSign Invoke is configured as follows - 

As you can see, I am retrieving a list of agreements and then checking the status of each. I could, of course, use the Get Agreement Status operation, if I was only interested in a specific agreement. 

Get Agreement List for User allows me to add a query parameter to the request.

The query can be set as follows - 

I could also set this to the title of the document etc.

I run the integration and see 3 agreements have been returned -

I validate in AdobeSign -

Currently, the OIC AdobeSign adapter cannot be dropped as a trigger, so polling is the way to go here. 
However, AdobeSign supports webhooks - 


We can design an OIC integration that implements the required methods. check out the adobe docs for details.

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