Tuesday, July 5, 2022

#915 OIC Jira Adapter - Add Attachments etc.

Use case here is simple, something goes wrong, I need to create an Issue in Jira. I then need to add an attachment and a comment to the aforementioned. 

So simple stuff here. I am using my trial Jira account -

I will be using the following Authorization method, when creating the Jira connection in OIC - 

This requires client id and secret - these I get by creating an app in atlassian - https://developer.atlassian.com/ 

Click on Authorization -

Enter your OIC callback url - format is https://yourOICInstance:443/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback

Click on Settings to see client id and secret - 

You will use these when creating the connection in OIC.
Final thing you need to do here is select the Permissions -  what you want OIC to be able to do.

I check all the Jira boxes -

Create the OIC JIRA Connection 

Now to OIC - Create the Jira Connection - Please note - the Scope entries are NOT optional here.

Now to using the connection in a simple integration - here I create an issue add a comment and attach a file.

Create the Integration

The integration is app driven with a REST Trigger, configuration as follows -

Next step is to create the Issue -

Create Jira Issue/ticket

Mapping - 


Next step is to add the Attachment -

Add Attachment to Jira Issue/ticket

I retrieve the file from an FTP server and then invoke the Jira adapter.
Adapter configuration is as follows - 

Mapping is as follows - First I set the id -

then the file reference -

Note: you also need to set the following target field - value is "file"

Add Comment to Jira Issue/ticket

Same modus operandi - I won't go into the gory details - 

Test it!

Check out Jira - 

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