Monday, May 23, 2022

#912 - OIC and OCI Logging Service

It is very easy to push the OIC Activity Stream logs to OCI Logging - just enable it -

Login to your OCI console and navigate to Logging - 

Then enable the OIC log - 

Now I will test a couple of integrations to generate some log traffic - 

Here is an integration that generates an error - I test this a couple of times. 

I also have another simple integration - 

Let's check out the log data in OCI Logging Service - 

In more detail - 

Note the Retention Period - 

Note the Log Search link - let's check this out

I add a where condition to check for Error. My integration that throws the error will set the errorCode field to ErrorNN.

All log rows containing the string "Error" are returned.

I can hover over the rows to see the details - 

I can save the Search - 

I can also look for specific payload values - e.g. the product "iBike" I used in my integration test.

One can also add custom Filters -

Here's a simple example - checking for a specific instance id - 

Here's another example - checking for logs from a specific integration - note the format of the integration - Identifier | Version.

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