Friday, February 11, 2022

#902 OIC -- Oracle Hospitality -- Simphony


In this post we look at how OIC can provide the glue and value add between Opera Cloud and Simphony. 

The main scenario here is as follows - guest checks into the hotel, an order is sent to Simphony for a welcome drink, with instructions to be delivered to the guest's room. Finally an SMS is sent to the guest's mobile, welcoming them.

Firstly, let's carry on from the previous blog post and the pizza order. This will be ordered from Jimmy's Cistine - the primary eatery - in our flagship Dublin Hotel - Óstán Mac Cumascaigh. btw. cistine is the Irish for kitchen, óstán the Irish for hotel. 

So imagine the pizza has been ordered by our guest, Cathal Brugha, staying in room 310. How can we create the connection on the order? 

Here is a simple solution - use the "extensions" fields - 

Note the options - this data will be printed on the Simphony display, on the receipt etc.

So simple for Jimmy's top server, Paudge, to deliver this to Cathal in room 310.

A very loosely couple integration, you may say, and who am I to deny that. But let's look at our main use case - Here we want to place an order for a welcome drink to be delivered to the room, once the guest has been checked in. We also send a text, welcoming them to the hotel.

Previous posts have covered the OHIP apis for room reservation, checkin etc. Here I just concentrate on the order placement and texting.

The main integration here could have the following request payload - 

1. guest profileId,
2. menuItemId for welcome drink
3. guest room nr
4. hotelId

The guest profile id will allow me to invoke OHIP to retrieve guest name and mobile nr.

Here is a very basic flow - 


The first step is to retrieve the guest profile and loop on the telephone numbers, selecting the one of type MOBILE. 

The second step is to do a local invoke of the existing PlaceOrder integration, discussed in the previous post. 

The final step is to send the text to the guest's mobile phone. I also have a separate integration for this - thanks to my colleague Pavan D.

The GetProfileDetails invoke is configured as follows - 

I then check if Profile has been found, if so iterate to retrieve MOBILE telephone number - 

For Each configuration - 

Check for Mobile nr - 

Finally - 

OrderDrink is the local invoke of the Simphony PlaceOrder integration - 

The Request Payload is as follows - 

I added the menu item to the Simphony OIC Lookup - as everyone gets a free bottle of Peroni.  

SendSMS invokes the following integration - 

This requires a Twilio trial account. This gives you a trial sender number which you can use - 

Account SID and Auth Token are required to create the Twilio connection in OIC - 

Twilio invokes is configured as follows - 

Target Mapping is simple -

So let's try it out! Nestor Makhno has just checked in.


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