Friday, March 5, 2021

#834 Connecting Hubspot and Netsuite using Oracle Integration (OIC)

 Simple scenario here - I need to sync contacts between Hubspot and Netsuite. 


Now I am new to HubSpot - by new I mean really a neophyte - I am trying this out for the first time tonight.

I create a HubSpot developer account and get the api key - 

Next step - I create a new Contact in HubSpot -

Now I have 3 - 

I now try out the HubSpot REST api in Postman - first test is to retrieve all contacts - 

Now I do the same in OIC - leveraging the OIC REST adapter -

Step 1 - Create a REST Connection in OIC for HubSpot

Step 2 - Create an Integration in OIC

Configure to use a REST Trigger - 

Now drop the HubSpot Connection after SyncContactService -

Configure as follows -

Copy the response from the Postman test - 

Now to the Mapping - 
I edit Map to GetAllContacts -

Here I hard-code the hapikey value, I will show a more elegant solution for passing the key later.

I now add a ForEach Action - to loop over the HubSpot Contacts -

I add the Netsuite Connection within the loop -

Now to the Mapping - 

I only map first name and last name for this first test.

Test the Integration - 

The Activity Stream gives one a step by step audit of what has happened - 

Check out the contacts in Netsuite - 

Now back to the api-key and how it can be passed in the request to HubSpot

I edit the REST connection for HubSpot as follows - 

I set Security as follows - 

That's it!

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