Tuesday, October 27, 2020

#804 OIC REST API for Lookups


Above, my lookup.

Here are the Lookup REST APIs -

Retrieve is easy -

Per default, retrieve does not show me the row values e.g. USD, GBP etc.

I just need to add the following query parameter, in order to retrieve the contents -

Update - let's add a couple of new entries

EURO / 3 and CAD / 4

So what does my request look like?

Now let's check the Lookup in OIC - 

As you can see, the original entries have been overwritten.

In this case, update means essentially replace..

So how can I have a scenario where I just want to augment the lookup list?

Simple enough with OIC - I create a REST connection in OIC -


I will essentially do what I did in Postman - with one exception -

Here is my completed integration -

The REST Trigger Request payload is as follows -

GetLookupData Invoke is configured as follows -

The Map to GetLookupData  is as follows -

I set expand to "datarow"

UpdateLookupData Invoke is configured as follows -

Map to UpdateLookupData is configured as follows -

Here I need to merge the original entries from the initial GET with the new entries in the REST Request payload.

I begin by repeating the rows below - 

I map the result of the GET to 1 of 2 rows -


I map the new values from the initial request to 2 of 2 rows -

Time to test - here are the current contents of the Lookup - 


Here is my test payload -

Here is the result -

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