Monday, November 18, 2019

#741 - OIC Integration Versioning

Simple example of the above -

This simple integration mimics the creation of  a new contact in Service Cloud.

I test -

I now need to change the integration - making a minor amendment to the response payload -

version Nr is now 01.01.0001

I edit the new minor version of the integration -

Now I deploy the new version -

Note: the message that this version will replace the former.

Activating integration DEMO-API-GTWY (1.1.1) requires deactivating integration DEMO-API-GTWY (1.0). Are you sure you want to deactivate integration DEMO-API-GTWY (1.0)?

I re-test -

Net,net - no change to the endpoint.

Let's try the same - now with  a major version -

New Integration Endpoint -


Versions 1 and 2 are now active.

Net, net - you may need to change the clients who leverage the endpoint(s).

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