Thursday, October 17, 2019

#734 Fusion ERP Batch Imports with OIC

Simple scenario here -

I have an FBDI compliant AP Invoices file in a folder on my ftp server
OIC leverages the ftp adapter, reads the file and inovkes the import to ERP
OIC receives the callback from ERP on job completion.

FBDI - File Based Data Import.
Fusion ERP provides FBDI templates for AP Invoices, Suppliers, GL etc.
Fusion users can upload such files via -

Here is an example of such a file -

I generate a zip from this as follows -

Note: I also needed to add the above .properties file to the zip.

Check out Jack Desai's excellent blog post for more info on this.
As Jack says -
The property file submitted with importBulkData operation includes the job definition and package names as well as the job parameters of the object being imported. You must generate and add the Job Properties File as part of the data ZIP file.

So how do we implement the import in OIC?

Simple, leverage the ftp adapter to read the AP file and then Fusion ERP adapter -

Now to a test...

Note the process id returned by Fusion ERP - 1615742.

I validate in ERP -

Now to the callback integration...

Again, I am leveraging the ERP adapter - this time as trigger.

Here is what I see in Fusion ERP after running an Import -

The trigger payload is as follows -

Note the Transfer, Load and Import steps above. Also the Upload to UCM.

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