Wednesday, April 3, 2019

#696 OIC --> Subscribing to Sales Cloud events

Simple example here - thanks to my colleague Subhani.
I will subscribe to the Opportunity Created event in Sales Cloud and
create a new Customer in Netsuite for the Sales Cloud account.
Think of this as the first stage of an Opportunity to Order use case.

So now to subscribing to the Opportunity Created event -
This is my Integration Trigger -

Note: I can also filtering for specific opportunities or accounts.


I will not do this to begin with.

Sales Cloud Events Supported

Here is a full list of the events -

Now back to my integration...

Here I just write the Opportunity data to a file -

I activate my integration and test via Sales Cloud -

I check the ftp directory

I can also use the following url to check on event subscriptions on sales cloud -



Now let's make this a bit more interesting by integrating with Netsuite.

First, I check if the customer exists in Netsuite -

I add a SWITCH to check if customer found -

Map as follows -

Now I test -

I begin by creating a new account in Sales Cloud -

I now create a new opportunity for that Account -

I check my ftp directory -

I login to Netsuite and check for Romy -

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