Friday, December 21, 2018

#674 OIC DB Adapter for Oracle Database 18c

I just installed the 18c DB on my laptop, now to leverage it from OIC -

Create DB Connection

Here is the DB connection configuration -

I specify my Connectivity Agent group -

Leverage the DB Connection in an Integration

I created an integration with a REST Trigger -
Payload is custId and customerName.

I then invoke the DB connection -

I select the Customers table -

and then Import -

My table does not have a primary key defined, so the following appears in the wizard -

I do the mappings -

I test via Postman -

I check the DB -

DB Select Example 

Note the parameter definition -

select cust_name from customers where cust_id = #custId

Map the response -

Test via Postman -

Ok, you may say - but doesn't the adapter support SELECT out of the box?
Yes, it does - here is a simple example -

Attribute filtering for SELECT -

Add WHERE clause -

I Click SQL Edit, add a parameter and use it -

I do the required mapping -

then I test -

Executing PLSQL Function

The input mapping -

The output mapping -

Test -

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