Monday, June 11, 2018

#633 - Adding users to Autonomous API Platform CS

same procedure for other autonomous services.
In this case, I want to add the new user, demoUser1, as an api manager.

I login to my cloud dashboard and then -

I click on Users

I then see a list of the current users. To add a new user, I need to go to ID CS
(Identity Cloud Service). So I click on Identity Console -

I then click Add -

I do the necessary and then, voila -

Ok, now I have demoUser1 created, now to assign her the api manager role -

I go into Autonomous API Platform  CS -

Here is my instance -

I now go to user management -

I edit demoUser1 -

I now select Autonomous API platform and see my instance -

I add the relevant role -

So essentially we have a two phase approach -
1. create user in IDCS
2. Assign relevant role

Now back to demouser1 - she has received the welcome email

Have a great day!

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