Monday, January 15, 2018

#615 Exposing OIC APIs via API Platform Cloud Service

Integration is very simple ala ICS.

In OIC, I simply configure the API Platform CS entry -

Now I activate and publish the integration.

The API of the integration will be published to API Platform CS.

As you can see, I have selected just API Creation.
I have not included Publishing to the APIP CS Developer Portal.
I have also not included API deployment to a Gateway.

I login to the API Platform Mgt console and search for the API -

I now delete the API definition and return to OIC.

Let's publish again, but this time include deployment to a gateway
and publishing of the API to the Developer Portal.

On clicking Deploy API - the list of Gateways currently registered with the
APIP CS Mgt. Console are retrieved.

I check again in the APIP CS Mgt. Console, as soon as the integration has been
activated -

Here I see the portal (Developer) url and the Gateway endpoint.

So simple, so effective!

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