Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#586 - PCS - features --> computed fields, notify activity, doc initiated processes

Just a short post about some features I have been asked about.

Adding computed field to a form 

Here is my Business Object -

I want to add a computed field to the form for the total price
(quantity * unitPrice)

Here is the basic form -

I add an extra field to the form - totalPrice and
configure as follows -

Setting email variables in Notify Activity

Here is my simple process -

I edit the EmailCustomer activity -

First step is to set the recipient -

Easy enough, now to the email subject - this I can set by concatenating
process variables. One, is my default text; this I concatenate with the product.

I can adopt the same approach for the email body.

Document Initiated Process

Here I have a very simple process that is initiated by the arrival of an order doc -

I have created an incoming document - newOrder

I deploy the process - and assign the role to the Docs user
configured in the PCS workspace -

As you can see, my user is cloud.admin.

Now I go to Docs CS and create a new folder for incoming orders -

I set the properties as follows -

I create an order doc -

and upload it to Docs CS -

Check PCS Task List -

The form is rather basic - I do agree!

but you get the idea!

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