Wednesday, June 21, 2017

#583 HCM integrations - ICS or SOA CS?

As we say in Ireland, there are many ways to skin a cat. The same applies to Oracle HCM.

To quote the docs -

Data Integration tools such as File-Based Loader and HCM Data Loader are primarily intended for loading data in bulk involving hundreds of transactions. Typically, you use these integration tools for an initial upload of large volumes of data and maintain the data in Oracle HCM Cloud thereafter. You can also use these tools to load data after the initial load to perform periodic batch-loading or upload changed data if you are continuing to maintain the source data elsewhere.

REST services and Atom feeds are intended as user-friendly web services involving transactions of smaller volume. REST services enable quick and real-time access to resource data within Oracle HCM Cloud.

Atom Feeds

are essentially notifications of HCM events, e.g. employee name change etc.

So we have many ways in and out of HCM.

Currently, the ICS HCM adapter (17.2.5) supports the HCM REST services.
These services are detailed here   

So currently ICS is a good fit for extension style use cases.
As the majority of HCM integrations are file based, SOA CS is still the integration tool of choice.

Now a final word on Atom Feeds (Events) - as mentioned above, the ICS HCM adapter does not explicitly support these. However, you can use the ICS REST adapter to plug into these feeds. 
A how-to is available here

Other Resources:

besides the official ORCL docs

1. Atom feeds subscription via SOA CS
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2. File data loading via SOA CS
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Also the most common use cases for the REST API are discussed here

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