Monday, May 15, 2017

#572 API Platform CS - documenting APIs & Apiary connectivity

Good and accessible documentation is key to ensuring the optimal use of your APIs.
Our new API Platform provides comprehensive support in this respect.

Here is an example, based on the service created in a previous post.

Let's add some salient documentation to the service definition.

I republish to the Developer Portal -

and then login to the portal as my developer user, jimmy.

I return to the Management console and add some documentation -

Back in the Developer Portal, jimmy can click on the documentation icon

to view what I just created.

Apiary Connectivity -

Imagine I had adopted an API design first approach to my NiallCStockQuoteService.
I begin by speccing out the API in Apiary -

Now let's go back to the Management Console and make a connection to Apiary
for this service.

I click on the Apiary button.

Once connected, I then select my Apiary project -

and then click Connect -

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