Thursday, April 6, 2017

#557 PCS Correlation and PCS calling ICS

Nice new feature in PCS.

from the docs...
Correlations enable business processes to communicate with each other based on the state of an instance. The state of all the process data objects in a process defines the state of the instance.
When you define a correlation for a business process, you can identify an instance in another process based on the instance state and then send a message to that specific instance.
For example, you can use correlations to communicate a sales process with the corresponding shipping and mailing processes. When the customer confirms an order, the shipping process sends a message to the shipping and mailing processes using a correlation that defines that it uses the order ID to locate the instances in both processes.

I will use a couple of ICS instances to demo this.  
Here's the first one - Trigger is a SOAP adapter, Target is the Service Cloud adapter. 

All it does is create an Organization in Service cloud.

I configure PCS to point to my ICS instance -

This will be used later, when I browse ICS to retrieve Integrations.

Now to my simple PCS process -

I will call the ICS process when the new organization is approved.

Thanks to my colleague Chris P. for pointing out that I need Username Token here.

I do the data associations, and that's it.

I deploy and test -

I approve the new organization -

It completes successfully -

I check in Service Cloud.

Now I add a mid process receive to the PCS process.
It will wait for a confirmation that the organization has been created.
I will need to add correlation to the process to enable this.

I Initialize Correlation at the Start activity - setting the property 
to the incoming orgName value.

I now add the Message Catch -

Here we wait for the confirmation -

I set the correlation -

I re-deploy and check the wsdl and see the 2 operations -

I now instantiate a new instance of the AppproveOrg process -

The process is waiting for confirmation -

I now execute a call from SOAP-UI -

The process completes -

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