Friday, February 3, 2017

#549 PCS Business Analytics

Here is a simple process I will use in this blog post -

Here are the various roles and the users assigned to them -

I create an Order -

I now log in as the process owner and click on the Dashboards link

I then click on the Business Analytics tab

Here I can create queries on the process -

OOTB, I get generic info offered.

Now, I return to the PCS Composer -

I will add some indicators -

Dimension - how I want to slice the data e.g. slice orders on product or country
Measure - value I want the intelligence on e.g. product price
Attribute - helper for filtering

I also added an Attribute - exportRestriction. This is also a field in the Order.

I re-deploy the PCS app.

I now log back into Workspace and go to the Business Analytics screen -
I have logged in as bala.gupta, the process owner -

Note, the availability of the business indicators, I just created -

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