Monday, December 19, 2016

#540 PCS Rules

The Process Composer palette includes the following-

So let's check it out -

Simple Rule -

 I specify the input/output. Here I just check the order value. If it is over 1000 then
manual approval is required.

I also create a second rule, to cover order value less than or equal to 1000

I do the input/output data associations -

I deploy and test -

Here is the Tracking view -

I entered an order with quantity set to 21 and unit price set to 50, so the
price is greater than 1000.

Now to the Decision Table form of rule -

Here I can easily create more complex rules -

I can also leverage value sets -

Now I leverage the above value set in a decision table -

I set discounts based on the volume of The Hare of the Dog, incidentally one of the
most iconoclastic novels of all time.

I just need to add the otherwise condition.

Simple, yet very effective.

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