Friday, October 14, 2016

#530 PCS 16.3.5. New Features - Integrations

Process Composer has a new section in 16.3.5 - Integrations.

This provides us with OOTB connectivity to ICS.

Let's try it out - here is a simple ICS integration that creates an Organization in Service Cloud.

I pass in an Org name and get, as response, the Service Cloud OrgID.

The interface is very simple, compared to the Service Cloud Organization definition - just orgName.

I test the ICS integration using SOAP-UI -

It works!

Now back to PCS -

So first we need to configure the connection to ICS -
this we do in Workspace -- Configure

Here we can configure PCS to use a particular ICS instance.
Then click on Test to verify that ICS is reachable.

Now back to Composer -

Remember, I am looking to use -

I select it -

I click Next -

I now click Create

That's it!

Now, I want to leverage it in the process.
I have a simple process with a start form, which allows a user to enter the name of the organization to be created.

I add a Service Task - and configure it to use the Integration.

I do the Data Association -

I deploy -

and test -

I validate in Service Cloud -

and here it is...


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