Friday, August 19, 2016

#520 ICS 16.3.3. New Administration features - Notifications, Logging levels & Logging in general


Here I set hourly reporting via email.

I wait an hour and quelle surprise -

Logging Levels

This is akin to the functionality available via the Fusion Middleware EM control.
Ok, it seems very techie, requiring an appreciation of the components and services listed,
but this is a tech feature, aimed at those doing troubleshooting etc. and not your Citizen Integrator.

Talking about logging, what are the log files available to you as an ICS user?

Let's investigate this via a simple example -

Here is the response -

I now look at the ICS Administration tab -

We see 2 sets of files to download -

Let's look at the Activity Stream -

Here I see the Request coming in to ICS -

I see my new contact, Jelllo Biafra.

Here I also see the request being passed out from ICS to Sales Cloud

We also see the response from Sales Cloud -

Let's now look at the Diagnostic logs -

Note the extra AdminServer folder.

Here you find the typical weblogic logfiles -

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