Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#479 ICS release 16.1.5 new features


More exciting value add with the latest release of ICS.
Not just in respect of new adapters, also in monitoring.

Also, we have a new naming convention in ICS integrations.
We no longer have Source and Target; we now say, Trigger and Invoke respectively.

The what's new doc is available here

New Adapters

Yet more adapters with the latest release - now we have 35 in all.

You see the inclusion of more typical on prem tech adapters such as File and JMS.
So how do they work?

ICS File Adapter

The file adapter works via the ICS Agent.
i.e. the agent is installed on Prem, where the directory to be read is located.

The Connectivity Agent is discussed in detail here

Same procedure for the JMS adapter, you specify the Agent Group, the Host and Port.

ICS FTP Adapter

Another cool addition is the support for file processing via FTP.

I choose my ftp adapter connection

Now, for those used to working with the tech adapters in SOA Suite, the target could be anything.
For example, I could read in the file via ftp and then write it to a DB, using the database adapter.

This is currently not supported in ICS.

If you have ftp as a source, then it requires ftp as a target.
You get the following error message, if you try to leverage any other connection type.

Invoke must be FTP adapter because FTP adapter is selected as Trigger and currently only FTP adapter as invoke allowed if trigger is FTP adapter.

This limitation will be addressed in a future release.

But, in the meantime, I use the same connection for this simple example.

Note the OOTB encryption support.


Note the new submenu items - Design Time Metrics etc.

Also, more in-depth error monitoring -

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Rishu Sharma said...

Hi Nial,

Thanks for the post. Can you please help me to understand how to connect to on premise FTP location from FTP connection from ICS since there is no option of configuring Agent in FTP Adapter in ICS.

Rishu Sharma