Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#398 BPEL-> Mediator -> BPEL: Passing Business Errors back thru Mediator


Sync BPEL1 calls Mediator that calls Sync BPEL2.

SyncBPEL2 throws a Business Error, Mediator needs to pass this back to SyncBPEL1.

In the following example I have the following components -

Sync BPEL 1 = BPELProcess3
Mediator = Route2BPEL1
Sync BPEL 2 = ErrorThrower

Here they are, in all their grandeur - 


Note the explicit definition of the fault in the wsdl -


Again, this Mediator is defined from wsdl (Interface Definition from WSDL)

Note, the fault is also defined here -

Note: I do not include any fault-policy definition in the Mediator project.


Catch configuration -


Here is the expected error message -

Here is the process audit trail -

JDev workspace here

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