Thursday, April 9, 2015

#392 BAM 12c --> Data Retention, Hierarchies and Treemap views

Just some salient info on the above and other matters -

Data Retention

Click on the Administrator link and select your DO.
Click the Retention tab -

Note: Default 0 means that data will be retained indefinitely.


Here is my process payload - I will create a hierarchy supplier / product.

 First I create some BI indicators in the BPEL process -

I see these in the BAM DO -

I now create a hierarchy -

I now create a Tree Query -

Add a couple of more orders for different products, from supplier Nc Inc. 

Check out the business query in BAM -

TreeMap View

In a Treemap view, hierarchical data groupings are arranged in rectangles within
rectangles. For example, our hierarchy is supplier/product. The sum of price per product
determines the size of the rectangles, and their colors.
The treemap view is based on a tree query.

So I create one based on the above -

at the bottom, one see the actual values -

Now I add a couple of orders for various products from another supplier.

As you can see, the Tree view has been updated accordingly.

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