Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#340 Adaptive Case Management 12c --> Leveraging Milestone Durations

Here is my simple example -

The Milestone - M2 Approval Completed has a duration of 5 minutes.

I see this highlighted in the Case UI

Now, I have added a rule to activate another activity, when this duration is exceeded.

Currently, my activity list is as follows -

The rule is as follows -

So what happens after 5 minutes?

The specified "ApprovalOverdueActivity" is now available.

The Milestones panel also reflects this timeout.

Naturally, I could have added the Milestone name to the rule condition as well.

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Martien van den Akker|Darwin-IT said...

Hi Niall,

Can you elaborate on how to modify the duration of one milestone as a result of the start of another? Like on reach of milestone 'phase1-started' the milestone 'phase1-completed' should be 5 minutes.

Thanks in advance.