Thursday, September 25, 2014

#336 Intermittent issue when compiling/deploying ACM 12c app

I hit the following issue a couple of times, when deploying an ACM app -

Here there is an issue with the DescisionService (Rules) xsd -

See the schemaLocation above.

Fix this as follows -

In my case, order.xsd is in the same directory.

re-compile -


Benjamin said...

Hi Niall,

thanks for your blog. It helped me with Oracle ACM which I am working on for my diploma thesis, especially the part you discussed in this entry.
But when I want to start a case instance in Oracle Enterprise Manager and insert XML into the input argument I always get an error, that the caseID, createdDate and some other parameters are not invalid.
Would appreciate your help a lot.

I am working with JDeveloper 12c and tried to do the Hello World excample described in this blog:

Everything works fine with but unfortunately this version doesn't have the option of showing the case view in the Business Process Workspace.

Best wishes,

Niall Commiskey said...

Hi Benjamin,
don't test from em, use soa-infra e.g. http://localhost:7101/soa-infra

Niall C.

Benjamin said...

Hi Niall,

thx for your fast answer and help.
I already managed to start a case via SoapUI before. But my tasks or activities are always shown as incorrect or faulty in the case view of business process workspace.
So when i start the process, the actInvestigate task is shown as incorrect and if I manually complete the ‘Investigated’ milestone, the actUnderwrite task is also displayed as incomplete.
Got no clue what I did wrong. :/

You know some hint or tip whats wrong?

Benjamin said...

already solved the problem.
Thx for your help =)

Benjamin said...

Hope I don't disturb you too much. But can you tell me how to design a data panel or form for the case view?

In the following link they talk about that its possible but don't show how.