Monday, July 21, 2014

# 331 - OEP 12c leveraging EDN Lab

Here is a simple lab that shows OEP and EDN in action.

With 12c, OEP now includes EDN adapters.

My simple scenario -

A SOA composite receives messages of type MyCCTx. It then publishes an EDN event, NewCreditCardTXEvent. OEP has an EDN inbound adapter subscribing to this event. It then processes the event, applying the following rules –

·         Individual transactions must be under €1000.
o   Those over €1000 will be highlighted as fraud.
·         During a ten minute time range, the total transaction values must be under €1500.
o   i.e. 2 transactions, on the same card, for 800€ and 900€ occurring within ten minutes of each other will be highlighted as fraud.

For each event, OEP will publish an EDN event – CreditCardTxCheckedEvent.

The SOA composite also subscribes to the CreditCardTxCheckedEvent event, published by OEP. It writes all results to a file.

My XSD is as follows -

Here is the SOA Composite - it includes 2 Mediators

The OEP EPN is as follows -

The inbound EDN adapter subscribes to the NewCreditCardTXEvent.
The outbound EDN adapter publishes the event CreditCardTXCheckedEvent.

Full lab doc here

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