Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#316 - BPM Workspace iPad App

Now available via the App Store -

I finally updated my iPad to iOS 7, thus enabling me to download the Oracle BPM Workspace App which gives us a subset of workspace functionality on the iPad.

Here are the steps to getting the whole thing up and running -

1, Install BPM PS6
2. Install the bp3 patch - 18072286
3. Download the app to your iDevice
4. Configure - Click on iPad --> Settings --> BPM --> set the server and port entries to point to your BPM Server.
5. Create a simple order approvals process --> just containing 1 human task
6. Auto-generate ADF task form
7. Deploy all
8. Create a test instance
9. Login to the iPad BPM app e.g. weblogic/welcome1
10. Approve Orders to your heart's content.

Pictures taken by my iPhone ;--)

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