Thursday, November 21, 2013

# 287 Adaptive Case Management - Subscribing to Case Events

I discussed the various types of Case events in a previous post.
Maybe you would like to review Here

I define my simple order approval case as follows -

Note I have checked Publish Case Events

I add a Mediator to my Case composite - this will subscribe to CaseEvents.
The edl is available here -


I create 7 file adapter (write) services for the different event types -


I then filter on eventType in the mediator and call the appropriate service.

I then deploy and test my Case.

I check for Lifecycle Events -

My case includes an automatic InitActivity.

Here are the start and end events for that -

Milestone Event - Once the Init is done we reach the milestone OrderApprovalStarted

Now I add a Comment to the case -

I now initiate the ApproveOrderProcessActivity - a BPM Process with Human Task
I then approve the order, I get 2 new activity events

I now raise a user Defined event - CustomerCancelledEvent via the Case UI

I now upload a doc to the case via the Case UI -

I now change a value of one of my order fields thru the Case UI -
this too is protocolled.

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