Monday, September 30, 2013

# 279 Oracle B2b Book - Chapters 5 - 11

Just to finish off my review of this book -

Chapter 5 - Setting up B2B Transactions
discusses the B2B lifecycle from creating documents, trading partner agreements, reporting and monitoring etc. It also introduces integration with SOA Suite and enterprise manager.

Chapter 6 - SOA Suite Integration
A step by step guide to creating a B2B SOA Composite. Also contains a very useful section
on B2B design best practices.

Chapter 7 - Reporting and Monitoring
Covers usage of B2B itself, Enterpise Manager and BAM for reporting purposes.
Explains succinctly what you get OOTB and how easy it is to provide value-add via BAM.

Chapter 8 - Exception Handling
Covers exception handling at B2B level ( inbound/outbound), SOA Composite level and also covers custom exception handling.

Chapter 9 - Oracle B2B Security Management
This chapter details the security features available OOTB with B2B along with the integration with Oracle FMW security infrastructure.

Chapter 10 - Preparing to go -live

The chapter title is self-explanatory - a must read!

Chapter 11 - Advanced Topics.
Covers Java callouts, the extremely valuable B2B Self-Service Utility along with the relevant APIS.
Again, a must read!

All in all an excellent book - heavy on examples - a real Hands-On...

Well done Scott et al.

Again, the Link

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