Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#230 OSB frontending Fusion CRM

Continuing from post # 227.

In this scenario the OSB proxy service will not be based on the Fusion CRM SalesLead WSDL.
We don't want our SOA developers to have to concern themselves with those complexities.

We have a simple canonical message for creating a new SalesLead -


This is all our SOA developers need to know.

We have a "canonical" wsdl -

  I import the WSDL and the XSD into my OSB project


I now create a new Proxy Service based on the newly imported WSDL.

Here is the Message Flow -

Map Message -

Essentially the first 3 Assigns take the 3 values from the input message and save them to local variables.

The 3 are -

I then create a new variable with the Fusion CRM conform SOAP Request -

Notice the placeholders for the 3 variables e.g. {($v_custId)} etc.

 I then Replace $body with this structure.
The Routing node takes care of the rest.

Test -

View in Fusion CRM -

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