Sunday, February 24, 2013

#219 SOA Made Simple 4-6

Continuing my review -

Chapter 4 - Classification of services -

In this chapter the authors go into more detail on Elementary services, Composire Services and Process services and their relationship to the 3 architecture layers - Business, Information and Technology.This chapter also discusses aggregation vs orchestration - and contains many real world examples to illustrate all concepts discussed.

Chapter 5 - The SOA Platform

This chapter discusses the building blocks of a SOA platform - Registry/Repository, ESB, Identity Management, BPM etc.
Please see
for a description of the Oracle platform.

This is an excellent chapter and prepares one well for looking at implementation and maybe Antony Reynold's book  - Oracle SOA Suite 11g Developer's Cookbook

Chapter 6 - Solution Architectures 

This chapter looks at some of the SOA platforms available - Oracle, IBM, MSFT.
Guess which one comes out on top?

Again the link -

SOA made simple


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