Thursday, October 25, 2012

#204 Calling a REST service from Fusion CRM

Building on the REST enabled Facebook service from the previous posts...

Now I want to call this from FCRM.
I apologise for the scenario, it may seem somewhat unrealistic, however it does illustrate the concepts.

In this scenario, I want to post comments regarding an opportunity to my Facebook page.
Please expand the picture to see the fields on the right.

I click on the link to call the REST service.

The link is defined as follows -

I constuct the url and include the Comments.

def myUrl = "http://myWLSHost/FacebookClient-RESTfulService-context-root/jersey/post2FB/postMsg2Page?msg=" + Comments
return (myUrl)

I then include the link in the Opportunities page.

The result -

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